Tech comes in a variety shades.

Techmecolor helps underrepresented minorities of color see the endless possibilities of Tech

Technology Exposure.

Failure to expose basic concepts behind how computer coding works has several implications—none of them positive. First, employers are clamoring for qualified people to fill tech-related jobs. Yet some minorities aren’t introduced to this potentially high-paying field as they take the first steps toward a career.

This is particularly true for women and minorities, two groups woefully underrepresented in technology jobs. Exposure to computer science careers not only points more people toward the industry, it also eases stereotypes about who “belongs” in these jobs.

We Provide Awareness.

Currently, many minorities are not aware of supportive paths that lead to success in Coding related Careers.Providing awareness of the kinds of Tech Jobs that are available to underrepresented minorities helps them to understand what types of Computer languages they should learn in order to qualify for high paying positions. We provide awareness of resources and programs that will aide in a sound and progressive career in Computer Programming.

We Provide Nurture.

Across this nation, there is a shortage of opportunities for underrepresented minorities to learn computer science in a way that addresses the barriers of entry. A large number of underrepresented populations have an interest in computer programming, but don't know where to begin. Techmecolor leverages our various tech backgrounds to teach and nurture learning in underrepresented communities of color.

Endless Possibilities...

The future is being written in code. While good-paying blue-collar jobs continue to disappear in the U.S., computer science is a rare bright spot of opportunity for people without a college education.

Committed programming students are getting jobs whether or not they have a college degree and whether or not they are starting careers or switching careers, midlife, from another field.